RWTH Aachen University

The Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) coordinates the LoCoSu project and organizes workshops and short courses. A research fellow tests the capabilities and limitations of pXRF technology and works on the “mineral sands” case study.

University of Namibia (UNAM)

The Geology Department of the University of Namibia coordinates research of the two involved PhD and one MSc students. In their research projects, the students develop methodologies to analyse critical raw materials with portable XRF spectrometers.

University of Zambia (UNZA)

One research fellow of the School of Mines tests the applicability of pXRF in a critical raw materials-related case study.

Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN)

The Geological Survey of Namibia will provide logistic support, act as a link to raw materials governance, and advertise the workshops and short courses.

Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS)

The Organisation of African Geological Surveys will support this project by advertising the project’s activities, such as workshops and short courses, and outcomes on their homepage.